Group Members

Principal Investigator:

Prof. Dipendu Saha, PhD

Chair, Department of Chemical Engineering, Widener University

photo saha_faculty

Postdoctoral Research: Materials Science and Technology Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), USA, 2010-2013.

PhD (Hons.): New Mexico State University (USA) 2009

M.S.: Jadavpur University (India), 2006

B.S.: Vidyasagar University (India), 2003


Graduate Students (current)

Marisa Comroe 

M.S. Thesis topic: Gas separations by 3D printed nanoporous carbons

Zachary Romisher

M.S. Thesis topic: Removal of PFAS/PFOS from water by functionalized porous carbon

Undergraduate Students (current)

Joanna Weyrich

Research Topic: PFAS Adsorption

Brian Hoffman

Research Topic: Hydrothermal Carbonization of Plastic Wastes

Garret Gallo

Research Topic: Hydrothermal Carbonization of Plastic Wastes

Jake Leplatt

Research topic: Water Purification by Photocatalysis

Zackary Smith

Research Topic: Water Purification by Photocatalysis


Group Alumni

Graduate Students:

(1) Colin Unsworth (M.S. Thesis)

Thesis Topic: Adsorption of Rare earth elements in DNA-grafted nanoporous carbons

(2) Brandon Toof (M.S. Thesis)

Thesis Topic: Separation of light olefins in silver-grafted nanoporous carbons

(3) Tyler J. Hoinkis (M.S. Thesis)

Thesis Topic: Electrospinning of Photocatalyst nanofibers

(4) Mathew M. Desipio (M.S. Thesis)

Thesis Topic: Nanocomposite carbon nitride for visible light photocatalysis in energy efficient photoreactor 

(5) Micheal Visconti (M.S. Thesis)

Thesis Topic: Nanocomposite of graphene and carbon nitride  for inactivation of antibiotic resistance gene under visible light.  

(3) Sel Didem Akkoyunlu (M.S. Thesis)

Thesis Topic: Adsorption of rare-earth elements from water in phosphorous functionalized microporous carbons

(6) Soukaina Barakat (M.S. Thesis)

Thesis Topic: Sulfur doped mesoporous carbons for adsorptive removal of heavy-metals from water

(7) Babitha Tom (M.S. Project)

Project topic: Low pressure methane adsorption in micro-mesoporous carbons


Undergraduate Students

Madeleine J. Kienbaum (Independent study Course,Widener University)

Matthew M. Desipio (Independent study Course,Widener University)

Griffin Walawander (Research Co-op) 

Nathan Mirando (Summer Research Program)

Sam Yohanan (Research Assistant, ACS-PRF)

Marc Noyalis (Research Assistant, ACS-PRF)

Erika Enley (Research Co-op) 

Marie Herb (Summer Research Program) 

Nick Striebach (Summer Research Program) 

Nichole Dantoni (Research Assistant, work-study program under Widener University)

Tara Moken (Independent study Course, Widener University)

Amanda Spurri (Independent study Course, Widener University)

Mitchell Franko (Independent study Course,Widener University)

Lauren Benham (Independent study Course,Widener University)

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